Jordan Durci

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I'm Jordan Durci: a Construction Administrative Assistant for First National Bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In my position, I prepare new builders' and contractors' profiles for review using Built, Experian's BusinessIQ, and Dun & Bradstreet's D&B Finance Analytics. I also work in Mortgage Builder's Architect program to draft draw schedules for construction loans.

I'm a graduate of Allegheny College who majored in computer science. I also double-minored in psychology and philosophy in my time there. In my computer science studies, I have worked in Java, Python, NetLogo, C#, HTML, CSS, C, C++, and much more. I'm most proficient in Java, HTML, CSS, and C#. Outside of that, I've built up quite a lot of skill in argumentation and quite a lot of understanding as to how we as humans function, thanks primarily to the philosophy and psychology courses I've taken, respectively.

While at Allegheny, I acted as the treasurer and later vice president of the Legion of Allegheny Gamers, our video game club, as well as the vice president, and eventual president, of Comics Club. I also played a role in the formation of the Allegheny College eSports, and the Overwatch team the Bucktails, where I played as a support for my final full year on campus. While in club leadership positions, I was known to fervently fight for increases in the safety, inclusivity, and the quality and quantity of events.

Throughout my schooling, I worked on multiple programs built in Unity, including one called the Watchers, which was a final project for a class on AI. It's incomplete as a game, but displys some of my own coding (primarily for character functions like moving), and my proficiency in spritework as of fall 2018. I also worked on my senior comprehensive project, which also utilized Unity to create a four-player, top-down game called Emotion Commotion. The game shows how far along my game development, character design, and spriting skills have developed over time. It's also a project I hope to continue in my free time post-college.

As of April of 2020 I've begun doing freelance pixel art at a rather reasonable price, though it could probably be argued that I'm undercharging. That said, examples of my recent spritework can be seen both on my DeviantArt, linked on my Creative page, as well as on my LinkedIn (linked below), under my Freelance Pixel Artist occupation listing. If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of some of my work, you can refer to my Spritework Portfolio below, which also lists the price of the sprites shown, had they been commissions.

For more résumé- or CV-style information, please refer to my LinkedIn as I make an effort to keep it up-to-date. If you're looking for a true résumé, I apologize, but I don't keep one here, but I'm more than willing to send one your way if you would like one. My LinkedIn has become my main focus as general professional information goes, so I only write and update my résumés as needed.




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