A photo of DurchBurch goofily drinking water from a tea cup while wearing a Stand Lasagna shirt from Clothing Unrelated.

I'm DurchBurch. I, kind of obviously, run the DurchBurch channel, Facebook page, and more. I try to stream on my YouTube channel twice per week, on Wednesday nights at 7pm Eastern and Saturday afternoons at 1pm Eastern. I also upload occasional pre-recorded and edited content that ranges from opinion pieces to researched video essays, though I admittedly do more opinion pieces. My goal is mostly to have fun, but potentially make a little money on the side someday. I also do spritework in my free time, and have become quite proficient in it, to the point where I do paid commission work, though that's more of a Professional page thing. My DeviantArt has a decent range of examples of my spritework, so I recommend checking it out if you want to see the sprites that I've made.

I also enjoy designing clothes, leading to my two Spring stores linked below. One is for my DurchBurch brand's merchandise, DurchMerch, but the second is more of a passion project called Clothing Unrelated. On Clothing Unrelated, all clothing designs feature art that I've made in my free time.


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