January 3, 2022

Commission Price Changes

It's been a while since I've made a blog post, huh? Well, I'm finally back with some news. I'm updating my commission prices! If you've commissioned me in the past, you'd know that the typical 64x64, 16-color sprite, was priced at $5. However, I now have a job that pays me a decent chunk per hour, so, to keep commission work worth it, and to better value my skills, I'm increasing my prices across the board.

Example prices (assuming 16 colors):

Hopefully this price change doesn't prove to be inhibitory to anyone hoping to order commissions from me, though I hope you understand that, charging as little as I was charging just isn't realistic for me anymore. I need a sprite to be close to or higher than an hour of my actual job in pay, given that they often take me close to an hour. My skills have also progressed quite a bit since I first started taking commissions, especially when it comes to my ability to work without simple pixel-over.

Well, that's all I have to say here for now. Thank you for reading!